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YOU are the HERO
in the Life Science Field.

I. Educational Objectives


Through the specialized curriculum and high-quality, research-centered education, we aim to cultivate basic scientists who understand the principles of life phenomena and intermediary researchers who can apply them to translational research.

II. Different to other Universities


You can receive specialized education from the excellent faculty members of the Biomedical Sciences, and Life Science Graduate School. In addition, the ‘one-on-one mentoring system, introduced for the first time in Korea, has created a closer bond between students and professors, enhanced the efficiency of education and financed individual growth and development. Based on this, professors also be your mentor for your life by counseling.


The Department of Biomedical Sciences has been conducting research on new drug development through cell and gene therapy research that has already been carried out by faculty members, research on disease mechanism, diagnosis and treatment, functional analysis of genome and proteome. We will continue to pursue progressive and ambitious development with the goal of creating world-class scientists related to life sciences, based on numerous research achievements.


The University CHA University! In particular, I believe that students who will grow together in the Department of Biomedical Sciences will experience University life with a turning point and leap forward in each individual’s life.

  • Specialized training is available from 18 outstanding faculty members who are active in various biotechnology ​research fields such as reproductive medicine, stem cell research, tissue engineering, oncology, and genomics.
  • Through active interactions with faculties, we improve the efficiency of education by increasing students’ sense of belonging and bond.
  • During the summer / winter vacation, the internship program is organized as a curriculum so students can become familiar with the research by participating in each faculty’s laboratory.
  • You will be given the opportunity to present your graduation thesis as a result of the experiment in each faculty’s laboratory and to publish it in domestic and international journals.
  • There is a specialized training program designed to train professionals in the reproductive medicine field.